Where can I find KRIKET products?

Right here. Belgium: in all Bio-Planet and AS Adventure stores. In selected Färm and Aveve stores. Netherlands: all Ekoplaza stores. And besides that: in looots of other stores. Check out our dealer page to find your nearest KRIKET point of sale.

Why eat insects?

Because it’s just a very smart thing to do. It’s highly nutritious, it’s one of the most sustainable and efficient protein sources out there, and it’s delicious. Read the full story here.

Why specifically crickets?

Although over 2000 insect species have been identified as edible, right now only 3 insect species are allowed to be sold for human consumption: mealworms, grasshoppers and crickets. For us, crickets stand out because of their refined flavour, because they are strong little animals with a high resistance to insect diseases, and because they have a higher protein content compared to grasshoppers and mealworms.

What do crickets taste like?

Top chefs with sensitive tastebuds describe them as delicate, slightly nutty and with a hint of umami. But the best way to find out is of course to try for yourself.

Why do you use 5% of crickets in your products?

This one is about the bars and granolas. First of all, our products are designed as an accessible way of trying crickets for the first time. Our mission is to make that first step as easy as possible for people who have never tried crickets. The second reason is mundanely bureaucratic. Because the bars and granolas are certified organic, and because crickets cannot get the organic label because there is no legal framework (yet), we can only add 5% to our products without losing our organic label. But don’t be fooled, 5% in our bars actually equals 20 crickets!

Why do you still use plastic to pack your products?

Plastic is made of fossil fuels, which means it’s definitely part of the problem if we want to fight climate change successfully. However, it combines a lot of qualities that are really hard to find all together in other packaging solutions. It keeps KRIKET products fresh and safe to eat for a very long time. So it helps fighting food waste. It’s also a strong material, so following the sustainable mantra ‘reduce – reuse – recycle’, it enables us to minimize the amount of packaging we use. And because of that, our packaging has a lower CO2 footprint than, let’s say, a paper alternative. All that being said, the day we find a viable alternative, we won’t hesitate for a second to choose it.

Where do you produce your products?

The bars are produced in Deinze, near Ghent, Belgium. The granolas are hand-baked with love in Mechelen, Belgium.

Where are the crickets coming from?

We source our crickets from Albinsecta, a fantastic family-owned cricket farm in Werkhoven, near Utrecht in the Netherlands.

Do the crickets suffer?

We’re confident in saying crickets at the cricket farm do not suffer during their lives, on the contrary. They’re provided with all the space they need in open boxes with enough of the dark corners they like to hide in. Crickets are cold-blooded, which means they go into hibernation mode as soon as the temperature drops. When temperatures are lowered to a certain point, their systems will stop working, and their life will end painlessly.

Can I eat crickets if I am a vegetarian/vegan?

That’s entirely up to you, and it will probably depend on why you became a vegetarian or vegan in the first place. If you stopped eating meat because you are looking for an ecological protein source, crickets might be a smart choice. If you’re concerned about animal welfare, it’s important to mention that there are strong indications insects don’t experience pain as we do, and that the crickets at the cricket farm are treated respectfully. If you prefer to avoid animal-based food, we let you draw the line about how different you feel insects are from birds or mammals. What matters most to us: think about what you eat and why, or why not.

Are crickets sustainable?

Crickets have a climate footprint similar to plants. They emit very few greenhouse gases, take up very little land and consume very low amounts of water and feed to produce protein of the highest quality.

Where are your ingredients coming from?

We source our ingredients as locally as possible. And if we have to choose between ingredients, the origin is one of the most important parameters we’re looking at, besides quality and taste. For some ingredients like agave syrup or sesame seeds, sourcing locally is unfortunately not possible, but we’re proud to say our most important ingredients (crickets, oat flakes, nuts) are sourced within Europe and from Turkey.

What is the Nutri-Score label?

Reading and understanding food labels can be tough. That’s why some smart people invented the Nutri-Score label, which is basically telling you in 1 second if a certain food product has a (rather) low / high nutritional value. Find more information about it here.

Are crickets allergy-free?

They’re not. People who are allergic to dust mites and/or crustaceans might be allergic to crickets.

Is cricket powder gluten-free?

We can be 99% sure the cricket powder we use is gluten-free, but we won’t claim it because there still is a 1% chance the cricket powder will contain a very small amount of gluten via the crickets' feed. If you have a high gluten intolerance, better to be safe than sorry and avoid. If you have a low intolerance, it should be ok.

When should I eat KRIKET products?

Whenever you’re in for a healthy treat! The KRIKET granolas are obviously very often eaten as a high in fibre breakfast to kickstart the day, but no one said they can’t be eaten during/after lunch, at 4PM, or as a small dessert after dinner. Same goes for the bars, whenever you feel your body needs to be refueled. For the crunchy crickets, they make a fabulous apero snack, topping on your favourite dish or on-the-go snack.

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Crickets are literally bursting with protein!

Crickets are literally bursting with protein!

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