KRIKET was born out of frustration with the current food system. We believe that the snack of the future must meet these five values.


KRIKET is the result of days, weeks, months of experimenting in our test kitchen. We developed our unique recipe together with HoGent food scientists, chefs and dietitians. Our mission? Delivering high nutritional value with the smallest possible ecological footprint in one delicious bar. A snack with brains.


KRIKET gives you energy and an abundance of valuable nutrients. What do we have on offer? Proteins of the highest quality, an impressive assortment of vitamins and minerals and a good dose of fibre. Bye-bye, sugar crashes!


We want to make a 100% fair product, in full transparency. Without preservatives, additives or artificial sugars, and made in Belgium. This way we can keep an eye on the production process every step of the way. Pure organic ingredients of the highest quality, controlled by TÜV NORD Integra. No posing. Nothing to hide.


KRIKET is a small bar with a big plan: showing how our food system can be more sustainable. More forest, fewer greenhouse gases. Only organic ingredients and as many local suppliers as possible. The star of the show is of course our cricket flour, produced in a Brussels urban farm. Ready for a revolution?


Creating the perfect snack, that's what keeps us going. We are constantly looking for ways to make KRIKET even better. Ideas? Shoot!

Try it now! Try it now! Try it now!