Our rebranding story

Either you've seen it or either you've heard about it: KRIKET has undergone some serious changes on all kinds of levels! As a young company in its growth spurt, we wanted to stay ahead of common growing pains. Read on to find out about our approach. 

Upgrading our product portfolio

First and foremost, we had a long, hard look at our offering. We wanted to make sure you can count on KRIKET for every part of the day. That's why, a year ago, we've asked you what you wanted. You came with the answers and BOOM, we responded. We expanded our product portfolio with:

Other than that, we've listened to your feedback and improved the recipes for two of our bars:

Redesigning our brand vibe

During the process, we realised we wanted to speak to a broader audience with our new products in mind, while fully maintaining our brand values.

That's why we've joined forces with Van Berlo, an agency specialised in sustainable product design. We took a deep-dive into all different packaging options ranging from coated paper to metal cans. The conclusion? Plastic is the most sustainable solution for our product range! Trust us, we didn't expect that either, but as pragmatism and transparency are part of our core values, we decided to be loud and proud about it, and of course, strive for continuous improvement as new packaging solutions are to be developed. But for now, we use the thinnest and lightest mono-plastic available, which is also fully recyclable.

From a design perspective, we took into account your feedback from the past two years. Enter fresh colours, fun illustrations and bold copy for all of our packagings and brand new website! With a fresh, razor-sharp design, we want you to discover new micro-pleasures every time you have a look at our brand on -and offline. 

Talk KRIKET to me

We took a step back from our brand rationale and DNA. We realised that at KRIKET, we like to do things differently. Mainstreaming crickets might be unconventional, but heck, it's definitely delicious. Our brand pillars?

Our kind of different is the goood kind of different.