Meet Gert-Jan

Have you ever wondered how a day at the office looks like at KRIKET? Meet Gert-Jan, who just spent 2 months at the KRIKET headquarters! A nice chat about Bratwurst, social impact and a sleeping giant.   

Introduce yourself...

My name is Gert-Jan and I am an enthusiastic ‘young professional’ working for Deloitte Consulting. During the summer months, Deloitte gave me the opportunity to join KRIKET for a two months internship aiming to support their desire to explore new horizons.
Why did you choose KRIKET for your internship?

I was looking for an organization with a social entrepreneurial mindset where I could have a tangible impact given the limited time period. I got to know KRIKET via a friend who showed me their dynamic website and it immediately sparked my interest ­– ‘Damn, these guys are spot on!’. After some discussions with the team about KRIKET’s mission and how I could contribute to it, I realized that KRIKET would meet all my expectations. No surprise that I was more than happy to join this ambitious team aiming to arouse ‘a sleeping giant’ (that I believe the current food sector is), on topics that could be both valuable for KRIKET as well as for my personal development.

What was your role in the team?

Since I studied in Munich and have some (rather basic) knowledge of German, my prime focus was to conduct a market study and develop a market entry plan for Germany. Now that this has been done, the next steps now are to further explore the selected distribution strategies I highlighted so that KRIKET bars become the preferred snack over the traditional ‘Bratwurst’ or ‘Brezel’.

Besides the focus on the German market, I had the chance to get a sneak peek of the ins and outs of a Startup. I was, amongst other things, involved in discussions regarding the strategic focus, the potential market positioning and the improvement of the current eCommerce setup. It was extremely enriching to get valuable insights from the KRIKET team and from the various external experts that have met. In return, I shared my – sometimes too? – enthusiastic ideas and a fresh ‘outsiders perspective’. In the end, I can’t help myself thinking that I was on the receiving end of this internship experience.
What did you acquire during this internship?

What did I acquire during this internship? ‘Goesting’! Not sure how I should translate this Dutch word – Google translate suggests enthusiasm, desire,…- but it describes it all. I’ll give it a shot nonetheless:

This internship sparked my enthusiasm to keep challenging the status quo and be conscious about my own purchasing behavior.
This internship gave me the desire to have a real impact; an impact that matters.
This internship increased my drive to keep up an entrepreneurial mindset solving pressing contemporary challenges as they come.

Moreover, the level of involvement and the openness of the KRIKET team allowed me to get a better understanding of the way KRIKET operates, more specifically on the importance of an aligned approach. Looking back, I feel confident that these insights will come in handy when creating an impact for organizations of another scale.  
A last word about KRIKET?

After this two-month period, I am even more convinced by KRIKET’s mission challenging the current food system in an innovative, healthy and, above all, tasty way. The only advise I can give is: ‘Try it!’ 😉
Try it now! Try it now! Try it now!