Sharing our full story

Fireworks! This is our first blog post. Want to know why we started this journey? How exactly Kriket is planning to start a food revolution? Why insects? Where we want to be in 5 years? Read on…

Why blogging? Because we feel like there’s an important story to be told about Kriket. In fact, we think the story behind every piece of food should be told. Who made your food? How was it produced? Where do the ingredients come from? Who made money producing, processing, and selling it? And who didn’t? Why is it packaged this way? Why are proteins important for your body? How does sugar mess up your brain? And why are we so excited about crickets?  

The story behind every piece of food should be told

We look at supermarkets as libraries, with shelves full of fascinating food stories. But isn’t it frustrating that in many of these stories, entire chapters are torn out of the book, obscuring the truth? Isn’t it strange that we are no longer able to understand how all these products made it to the supermarket in the first place?

KRIKET was born out of a sense of indignation at the current state of the food system. We think it’s sad that we know so little about something we cannot live without. And we are sure we all would look differently at our food system if we knew the (ugly) truth about our food. That’s what this blog is all about: sharing the full story. You with us? 

Try it now! Try it now! Try it now!