Meet Aline & Tiphaine

Remember the Red Lions, the Belgian national hockey team, becoming world champion for the first time in history just a couple of months ago? Here’s our guess: it’s just a matter of time the Red Panthers – their female colleagues – will follow their footsteps. Why? Because two Panthers are boosting their performance with cricket power… Meet our brand new KRIKET ambassadors, Aline & Tiphaine!

Name: Aline Fobe

Age: 25

Hockey club: Braxgata Hockey Club

What I like so much about hockey: It’s my passion since a was a kid. To be part of a team and to reach goals together gives me a lot of positive energy.

I’m particularly proud of… Our historical silver medal at the European Championships in Amsterdam (2017). A true milestone in my career.

My biggest dream: to represent Belgium at the Olympics in Tokyo next year.

My hero: Nafi Thiam. The way she is combining her university studies and her sports career. And keeps on pulling off extraordinary performances!

What does your sport diet look like? Hummus, hummus and… hummus. I guess I am an addict. 😊 Besides that, I like all kinds of food, always as healthy as possible of course. I’m following the nutritional guidelines from Stephanie Scheirlynck, our Red Panther food coach and the author of a very interesting book on sports nutrition.

My power song: I’m actually more into podcasts, especially when I’m driving my car. I always try to spend my car time in the most productive way.

My resolution for 2019: learn to speak Spanish, spending more time practising mindfulness.

Name: Tiphaine Duquesne

Age: 22

Hockey club: Wellington Hockey Club

What I like so much about hockey: Our club has this warm and special family vibe that I really like. And the feeling to be on the field with friends is just the best thing ever. Besides that, being a Red Panther gives me the opportunity to travel around the world.

I’m particularly proud of… Winning the league competition at my first season in the first team of Wellington, when I was just 17 years old.

My biggest dream: the Olympics, of course!

My hero: Roger Federer, Sidney Crosby and Steven Gerrard. All three of them are super talented but have always remained modest. To me that’s the definition of exemplary sportmanship.

What does your sport diet look like? Yoghurt, chicken, vegetables, looooots of water and… KRIKET bars obviously.

My power song: Press shuffle & go with the flow..

My resolution for 2019: Doing yoga on a regular basis, do more reading before going to sleep. Nothing too crazy. 😊

Try it now! Try it now! Try it now!